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The CCIV has organized and has collaborated with other entities in the organization of conferences, congresses and seminars. Here we have collected the most important conferences as well as the active participation in them.

Muslim family in Occident. January 6th, 7th and 8th, 2006.

Conferences on the Muslim family in Europe. They were organized by the CCIV, the CIV and the Liga Islámica para el Diálogo y la convivencia, it obtained a great success in terms of participation, organization and effectiveness. About 200 adults attended at the event; men and women, Muslims and not Muslims from other Organizations and ONGs. More than 100 children participated as well. More information.

Islam. Civilization of the Book

Exhibition of Arabic and Andalusian manuscripts and educational workshops, with the collaboration of the Valencia University. The impact of Islam in different countries has carried the book as a cultural tradition and as an indispensable element of the Occidental Civilization. In this exhibition several Korans, scientific texts, books and illuminist manuscripts were shown, all of them came from the Segorbe and various private collections. At the same time another Congress was organized to analyse the development of the book: paper, bindings, the develop of calligraphy paying special attention to the case of Al-Andalus. Furthermore, two workshops were imparted, one of them about the Arabic calligraphy and the other one about the traditional paper. It was organized by the Museum Molí Paperer de Banyeres de Mariola.

Al Qods, a thousand of cities, a city December 16th-21st, 2003.

An important International Congress on Jerusalem, in which distinguished persons participated from Palestine.

Azahar cultures April 9th-16th, 2003.

Open doors conferences which accompanied the presentation of the CCIV web. Many experts on Mudejars, Moriscos, Andalusies and relation between Islamic Spain and the North of Africa gathered at the event. More information and book which collects presentations.

Civil Forum Euromed. Issue: “Women”. Valencia, April 12th-14th, 2002.

Mediterranean Meeting “The water and water systems in Al-Andalus and al Magreb”.

Organized by Al Idrissi Foundation with the participation of the CCIV. Valencia, March 15th-17th, 2002.
Ibn al Abbar and the Muslim Valencia. This event went into the study of a Valencian emblematic character: Ibn al Abbar, who was born in Balansiya (Valencia) on February of 513 H [1199] and died in Tunis in 1260, as well as the Valencia of his time, through which a virtual tour was made. Thanks to the participation of Javier Martí, who is “SIAM” archaeologist (local service of archaeological research) of the Valencia City Council all these activities were possible.

III National Congress of Muslim women in Spain: “In search of our origins”.
Córdoba, March 2nd and 3rd, 2002.

Symposium on Palestine:

Organized by the CCIV in our office located in 5 Palencia Street- 46021, Valencia, June 21st-23rd, 2002. A study of Palestine through the time, and taking into account all the aspects: economical, geographic, religious, political, etc.

8th Meeting of the Islamic Council for Fatawah and Research

Organized by the VALENCIA ISLAMIC CULTURAL CENTRE and celebrated in its office on July 18th-22nd, 2001. It was presided over by the Shaij Dr. Yusef al-Caradawi, with the participation of most of the Council members. We appealed for good understanding and dialogue between Government and Muslims and tried to solve general problems suffered by Muslims living in Europe. In this task many wise men contributed to find solutions in order to let European Muslims integrate into Occidental Societies keeping their religious beliefs and practices. There also was time for interviews, audience questions and meetings where young Muslims women exposed their interests and ask for specific solutions to their problems.

International Congress “clothes, habits and traditions of the Maghreb women with Andalusian tradition”

Which took place in Tetuan (Morocco) and organized by Al Idrissi Foundation. May, 2001. Women’s values were appreciated in the Golden Centuries of the Arabic-Islamic Civilization. According to a description given by Ibn Hamz in the 11th Century, in Al-Andalus women proved their talent in many fields: “wisdom, medicine, philosophy, engineering, music, astrology, linguistics, metrics, literature and calligraphy”. Perhaps all those elements help us to re-build the historical figure of women in Al-Andalus and al-Maghreb through research and scientific meditation.

World Forum of women against violence. Valencia, November 23rd-25th, 2000.

IV Statal Congress on Voluntary Service.
1st Mediterranean symposium on voluntary service. Participation of the CCIV. Valencia, November 22nd-25th, 2000.

II National Congress of Muslim Women:

Muslim women in the XXI century: in favour of our youth, the light of the future. It was celebrated in Valencia, November 5th, 2000 and organized by the Valencia Islamic Cultural Centre “CCIV”. The participation of women and Organizations experimented a spectacular increase: more than 300 women from every part of Spain attendanced at the event.

I National Congress of Muslim Women

Barcelona, October 3rd, 1999. It was organized by the Insha Alá Association, it was the first time that women from different continents and at that moment living in Spain, gathered enthusiastically at the event where they found comprehension, exchanged experiences, problems and increased their knowledge in order to improve their social, familiar or professional situations – difficult situations in many cases- and to contribute to create an spiritual and formal atmosphere where they would feel comfortable.

800 aniversari del naixement de Ibn al-Abbar.

Organized by the Onda Town Council in collaboration with the Valencia Islamic Cultural Centre(CCIV). Onda (Castellón), November 7th-28th, 1999. A whole month to honour and commemorate the illustrious Valencian figure Muhammed Ibn al-Abbar. The V Ibn al-Abbar award of Research was presented , medieval zoco, workshops, conferences, debates, songs, exhibitions, gastronomy, etc

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